Company Profile

Risfond Executive Search founded in May 2008 , located in Beijing, it has 86 branches all around the 45 cities include San Francisco, Hong Kong, London, Tokyo and 25 provinces in China. It is the first 4A-rated headhunting organization, with more than 2,000 employees in China, It is the leading high-end recruitment service in the Asia-Pacific region. At present, over 20,000 companies have been successfully served and 68,338 positions have been recommended successfully.


Risfond has independently developed a world-leading IT information system, built a high-end talent pool of over 6 million resumes, cooperated with more than 20,000 well-known enterprises worldwide, and earned a reputation for itself in the industry.

In 2016, Risfond embarked on the road of globalization. And in 2017, it issued the internal “phantom restricted shares” at the net asset price per share, hence Risfond is upgraded into a human capital group and begins to extend its coverage, on the basis of its immense high-quality data resources, into the fields of finance, real estate, investment, high-tech, education and healthcare.

Globalization Strategy

Risfond Executive Search has a professional headhunting team of 1,800 consultants, and has established 79 branches (till May 2017) in 25 provinces or municipalities in China and in 43 overseas cities including San Francisco, Hong Kong, London and Tokyo. Besides the upcoming branches in Malaysia, Cambodia, Pakistan and France, Risfond also plans to set up overseas offices in Korea, Singapore, Germany, Russia and other countries and regions in the future. Risfond will become a pioneer in HR for the internationalization of Chinese enterprises.

Founder Of Risfond

  • steven

    Huang Xiaoping (Steven) Founder and CEO of Risfond

    Strategies, Internet+, training partners

    Huang Xiaoping, born in Luzhou of Sichuan Province in 1982, creator of the Risfond partner system and the industry-leading intelligent search system, started his career as an Internet product manager after serving in a missile brigade of Army No. 39. He is a representative of the post-80s entrepreneurs in China’s headhunting industry and one of the “Ten Outstanding Leaders (2014) of China’s Human Resources Industry”
  • lisa

    Zhao Binbin (Lisa) Founder and business director of Risfond

    Global headhunting supervisor

    Zhao Binbin, born in Chifeng of Inner Mongolia in 1982, has 10 years of experience in headhunting. She has provided recruitment service for well-known banking or insurance companies such as Ping An Insurance, Minsheng Bank, CITI Securities, Zhongdan Guarantee and Zhongrong Trust, and succeeded in the operation of hundreds of senior financial or banking positions. She is now managing the global headhunting business of Risfond
  • shangyu

    Shang Yu (Alex) Head of the San Francisco branch, USA

    San Francisco branch of Risfond help companies to station in Silicon Valley in the United States.
    help the company to enter the U.S. market hiring local talent, especially talent in Silicon Valley area.
  • Zhang Qiang

    Zhang Qiang (Kyle) Head of London branch, UK

    Recruit foreign talent all over the world, Risfond international team has
    recruited a lot of foreign talents to China for development.
    including United States, Japan, Britain, India, South Korea, Russia and other countries.
  • Peng Yan

    Peng Yan (Emma) Head of the Tokyo branch, Japan

    Opening the Asia Pacific market quickly.
    More than 40 key cities nationwide, more than 70 branches can start large- scale recruitment at the same time.

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