Service Warranty

Quality of candidates

Risfond will interview the candidates and verify their employment experiences before making any recommendation, and make background investigation before the enrollment. Risfond can also take care of the enrollment physical examination for our clients.

Business secrets

During our cooperation, Risfond will strictly abide by the contract stipulations and will never disclose to any third parties the business strategy or other related secrets of the client.

Talent protection

During the validity of the contract, Party B will never take the initiative to headhunt among the in-service staff of Party A for other companies.


If no candidate is recommended within the validity of the contract, or less than 3 candidates are recommended and their qualifications cannot be accepted by the client, and no interview is undertaken, Risfond will refund all the prepayment.

Candidate demission

For a position with an annual salary of less than RMB 500,000, Risfond can provide a 3-month warranty period; and for a position with an annual salary of more than RMB 500,000 (including RMB 500, 000), Risfond can provide a 6-month warranty period. If a candidate leaves his job due to personal reasons in the warranty period, Risfond will continue to make recommendations for free until another appropriate candidate is found; and if the candidate chooses to leave within the warranty period, the service charge paid can cover other service fees.

Service Process

Charging standards

Warranty period: 3-6 months

  • One-time payment
  • Prepayment: a specific plan based on the actual situation
  • Service charge: 25% -35% of candidate’s annual salary

Submittal of cooperation intention